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Help keep us independent. One of SnakeDude's wishes for EndChan is for it to maintain it's own independence and infrastructure. We have maintained our own dedicated server since April 2016 and in Feb 2017, we upgraded with encrypted disks and front-end proxy to hide our backend server. After our infrastructure costs are covered for 3 months, we will put the extra funds into bounties on requested features. If you like what we do, we really could use your help.

Donate by BitCoin: 18SMo6egCSLEpCDqiW8vJQmwiM5uTxwHH8

A lot of people have complained about only accepting bitcoins, so I'm going to try a small experiment: Use a credit card or paypal by supporting Odilitime on one of the following: Please make sure you select the Endchan tier, so I know the donation is intended for Endchan infrastructure costs.

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Total Received: Satoshis

More information:
List of expenditures:
0.1735 BTC ($100 at the time)
2016-06-04 Hosting payment from June 1st to Sep 1st 2016
0.3487 BTC ($200 at the time)
2016-08-29 Hosting payment from Sep 1st 2016 to Jan 1st 2017
0.15646 BTC ($185 ($174 after fees) at the time, only $100 used, around $74 to roll over to use for next month. We meant to buy 3 months at once but then the inventory shifted on us while we were cashing out the coins and we ended up getting a slightly more expensive server which was a much better deal that we couldn't pass up.)
2017-02-24 Hosting payment from Mar to Apr
0.10462 BTC ($135 ($126 after fees) at the time. $26 pays for Apr to May, and $100 pays for May to June)
2017-04-26 Hosting payment from Apr to Jun
0.04672 BTC ($100 at the time)
2017-05-23 Hosting payment from Jun to Jul
0.00324192 BTC ($5 at the time) + $65 from patreon, leaving a $-30 balance
2017-07-05 Hosting payment from Jul to Aug
0.02321428 BTC BTC ($65 at the time) + $65 from patreon
2017-08-05 Hosting payment from Aug to Sep
0.00475325 BTC BTC ($22 at the time) + $65 from patreon + $13 MegaMilk left over 76chan donations
2017-09-05 Hosting payment from Sep to Oct
0.00812404 BTC BTC ($35 at the time) + $65 from patreon
2017-10-02 Hosting payment from Oct to Nov
0.00546787 BTC BTC ($35 at the time) + $65 from patreon
2017-11-05 Hosting payment from Nov to Dec
0.00357887 BTC BTC ($35 at the time) + $65 from patreon
2017-12-03 Hosting payment from Dec to Jan
0.00614048 BTC BTC ($82 at the time) + $18 from patreon
2017-1-01 Hosting payment from Jan to Feb
+ 0.89313680 BTC
Total Received
- 0.89059797 BTC
Total Expenditures
= 0.00253883 BTC (about $28)
Remaining balance as of last update 2018-01-21.
we are paid until Feb 1st 2018
We need about $50 more to pay Feb to Mar bill